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Help us to help others.

Support Our Work

Be a Mentor!

Could you use your skills to mentor our students? Do you have some spare time to do something positive and rewarding? Do you want to be able to make positive contributions to your community? We are looking for good mentors who can help our students to make decisions that help them reach their goals.

The skills you would need:

  • Reflective patience and listening skills
  • Motivated and encouraging
  • Be a good role model
  • Be inspirational and passionate about individual development and growth
  • Help to develop confidence
  • Offer suggestions and feedback
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Have a respectful attitude
Be a Mentor

If this sounds like you and you would like to get involved with our work, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

Volunteer with us

We always welcome volunteers to work with our service and have a host of volunteering opportunities to choose from. If you feel you want to make a difference to your own life and the life of others please email for an application form

Become an Employer Partner

Employment Partners

We look for partners who share the same ethos and values as ourselves, that actively invest in their people, their abilities, and skills.
We recognise that the employer plays an integral role in the success of our student’s employment retention and whilst we match skill sets with job roles, we also believe that matching individuals’ personalities with that of an organisations culture, can significantly improve the outcomes and longevity of the working relationship. 

We believe that investing in a diverse workforce can make good business sense and has been proven to be more efficient and profitable.

Your organisation has the power to help us nurture and develop untapped talent. In return we work alongside our partner employers to offer a wraparound support program. With your help we could change a life, add value to your business and benefit the local community.

For more information, please get in touch at

Corporate Support and Funding

We partner with companies who want to deliver real change in their communities and to the people that live in them. We want all our partnerships to be rewarding, engaging and mutually beneficial.
Our partnerships are bespoke because we know that there is no one size fits all. Together with our associated partners we can effectively tackle the issues of unemployment to those on the margins of our community.

corporate support and help

Why not make EE your chosen not-for-profit organisation of the year? You can support our work by donating or fundraising through many different exciting and innovative ideas and we will always welcome the opportunity to have partnership events with networking opportunities.

We work with many like-minded organisations, here are just a few:

Sponsorship and Event Partnership

Sponsorship is a fantastic way to support and empower vulnerable and long term unemployed people, facing barriers and challenges to work. This is particularly relevant for people with complex lives or additional support needs such as disability, mental health, refugees, addiction, care leavers, ex-offenders, veterans, single parents, and people who are homeless. With your help we can offer these people the opportunity to build confidence, skills and self-belief through exceptional learning experiences and community engagement. We work hard to improve the lives of those on the margins of our community, to become more integrated through our projects.
“There is no feeling that can describe the pride and sense of achievement one feels when you have worked so hard to finally get paid work, it Is only then you feel the possibilities are endless.”
Whether you have got 30 minutes, a week or a few months to launch your corporate fundraiser, we’ve got an option that will work for you.

Working together

Benefits to sponsorship:

  • Build your reputation as a socially responsible company
  • Enhance employee relations and build stronger teams
  • Enhance your brand and define your corporate identity
  • Build rapport with your target audience
  • Reach a potential new audience
  • Generate positive PR opportunities at a local and national level
  • Improve networking opportunities.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event or campaign please contact our team