Above & Beyond Award 2020

Employment Support

We offer a range of employment services which include Training Workshops, Work Based Training and Supported Employment.

Our Work and the Community

Enterprise East CIC was set up by its founder with the overriding ambition of offering individuals facing challenges and barriers to work, the opportunity to build confidence and self-belief through some exceptional learning experiences within their community. This is particularly the case for people with complex lives or additional support needs such as, disability, mental health, refugees, addiction, care leavers, ex-offenders, veterans, single parents and people who are homeless.

We bring together our participants with local community residents, supporting organisations and employers, to plan and deliver an event that celebrates, life’s experiences, variances and the community they share. We have found that there is a natural built-in mentoring that happens with mixed generations and we encourage this throughout our workshops, making the most of the knowledge and skills that already exist in communities. There is also the opportunity for participants to showcase their learning to the local employers, their families and friends.

All of our community programmes are designed to benefit the broader community, encourage a greater understanding and empathy for each other and can also shift perceptions. All events are designed to act as a springboard for future local events, which in turn creates better opportunities for further community cohesion.

Training Workshops

We offer in house training with our qualified trainers and work coaches to address any barriers into the work place. If you are thinking about starting or returning to work and would like to gain some new skills and work experience, why not join one of our Hospitality & Events Training Workshops Programmes, which are designed to help you increase your confidence and explore your true potential! We know that some of you may be anxious about attending somewhere new and learning something different, or you may have support needs, but please don’t worry, we create an open, safe and more importantly enjoyable and friendly place for you to learn in. Come and have some fun whilst you learn …we promise you will be glad you did!

Work based Training

Through our  Event Management Services we are able to offer a range of excellent work-based training and work placement opportunities. These provide experiences which enable individuals to gain a host of transferable skills as well as some specialist skills specific to the Hospitality and Events sector. There may also be the opportunity for access to some paid employment at our events.

Supported Employment

We offer a bespoke supported employment service, and our aim is to secure and retain paid employment for our clients. We recognise that the employer plays an integral role in the success of our client’s employment retention and whilst we match skill sets with job roles, we also believe that matching individuals’ personalities with that of an organisations culture can significantly improve the outcomes and longevity of the working relationship.

Participants will engage in a set training programme that includes the following key elements:

  • Attend an 8-12 week Inclusion and Thrive training programme
  • Gain Health and Safety, Manual Handling, Food Safety and Asdan accredited training
  • Design and deliver a local community event, to showcase learning to local employers/community
  • Participant and Employer interaction – organisation site visit/local employer/guest speaker workshop visit
  • Hands-on, bespoke training placement based in one of our social businesses such as The Tea Leaf tearooms where participants will be supported and encouraged to thrive in the live setting
  • Employability workshop – CV, Interview skills, presentation awareness
  • Participant Employment

Equality and Diversity Champions

Although every organisation within the UK is governed by equal opportunities legislation, we encourage and inspire employers to understand the real value and benefits of a diverse workforce. We therefore work with organisations to address and understand the underlying objectives of their business and how a diverse workforce can make good business sense.

Good morning Sam thanks for giving Carl the opportunity to work with you, he certainly came out of himself after a shaky start. He is sitting counting his wages and thinking of what to buy. Many Thanks