Sam Enterprise East Group Founder and CEO

Sam – Enterprise East Group Founder and CEO

Hi there! My name is Sam and I am the Founder and CEO of the Enterprise East Group CIC.
I have worked in HR and supported employment for many years now and started this company with a passionate belief that everyone should be offered the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential, should they wish to do so.
I am particularly proud of our team who work so hard to make this organisation fulfil that passion. Every day I see resilience, creative ideas come to fruition, obstacles overcome, and confidence nurtured. I see friendships made, wisdom shared and belief in our mission.
This is what makes it all so worthwhile.

Romana Enterprise East Group Director

Romana – Enterprise East Group Director

Hello, my name is Romana, I am a Trustee for the Enterprise East Group. I love to see the positive differences our team make to people’s lives; we watch people grow in confidence and self-belief daily. When I came here 14 years ago from Italy, I didn’t have any friends, had very limited resources and the language had been a barrier, I felt quite isolated and alone. I now use that experience to help others through the fantastic work of the Enterprise East Group

Brian Enterprise East Group Director

Brian – Enterprise East Group Director

Hi, my name is Brian and I am a Non-exec Director of the Enterprise East Group
I believe in what we do here and in the people that we work with, to inspire, to create and to encourage with all our beneficiaries during our workshops, or our events, is an amazing experience.
I am the Operations Lead, in as much as I make sure what we need, is where it should be, on time, in full and to the benefit of our team, our community and our customers alike.

Tony - Enterprise East Group Director

Tony – Enterprise East Group Director

Hi my name is Tony and I joined the Enterprise East Group C.I.C as a director because I have experienced what they do, first hand, for individuals and communities, and felt that with my experience in the logistical sector, that I could provide support by contributing with my budgetary, planning and organisational skills.
I have seen the effects of the pandemic on everyone, we all have, and I want to give support to the invaluable work and efforts that the EE Group provide and assist where I can in rebuilding our communities, together.

Brittany Enterprise East Group Trustee and volunteer

Brittany – Enterprise East Group Trustee and volunteer

My name is Brittany and I work in the business support team and am a Trustee and Expert by Experience Mentor
I am very creative and love to get involved in helping people achieve great things. I enjoy working at Enterprise East because, we get to help others learn great skills in the work environment and build their confidence. The team are great to work with, we support and respect one another.

Kiera Enterprise East group Trustee and young adult voice champion

Kiera – Enterprise East Group Trustee and young adult voice champion

Hi, my name is Kiera, I am part of the hospitality team and a ‘young adult voice’ trustee and champion.
I absolutely love working with the team, the work is hard, but we have fun and there is a mutual respect for all. I feel I have a voice and love the ‘let’s create meetings!’ I also love the buddy up system at events as I get to work with such lovely people 😊

Imogen Enterprise East Group Team member

Imogen – Enterprise East Group Team member

My name is Imogen and enjoy working for Enterprise East. It’s fun working with them, learning new skills and meeting other people who are friendly and nice to work with. I also like being asked to help because I can earn my own money.

Cathy – Enterprise East Group Volunteer and Trustee

Hello everyone, my name is Cathy and I volunteer and trustee for the Enterprise East Group. I love helping at the events, I even enjoy the washing up! Everyone makes me feel part of the team, it’s so nice to be useful. My only wish is that I could do more, as there are times, I am unable to do as much as I would like due to my health. Everyone is so understanding, there is always a chair on standby for me!

Carl-Enterprise East Group Event Team Member

Carl – Enterprise East Group Event Team Member

Hi, my name is Carl and I work in the Events and Hospitality team, for the Enterprise East Group. Although it can sometimes be very busy, I really enjoy the work and have made some great friends. I feel so proud that I can earn my own money and get to choose to spend it on whatever I want!

Dani – Service Delivery Manager

My name is Dani and I’m a married mum of two boys aged 10 & 12. I came to EEG in February, initially as a volunteer, after having a nervous breakdown at the end of 2019 and quitting my job working with children in care. I have previous experience in hospitality management and as an ex social worker, so I was inspired by the EEG message and ethos of Empowerment. My time with this company has given me a chance to start over and find a new path. I have been welcomed by the whole team, and I feel that I am thriving and have rediscovered who I am and where I want to be. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel limited in what I can achieve, and I am supported by an amazing Director, and management team to be passionate and ambitious. My role as Service Delivery Manager means that I get to support others whilst I learn and grow, and that is the greatest feeling.

Aaron – Chef

I’m Aaron Saltmarsh I have been off work for the last 2 years due to ill health and recently began volunteering at EE under the management of Samantha McReynolds. I have since completed my level 2 food safety course, and I am currently volunteering as a chef at Sandy’s Diner. I love being back on my feet and working again. The boss and everyone I work with are fantastic, and as its such a great team, I look forward to every shift.

Dawn – Programs Delivery Manager & Support

Hi everyone. My name is Dawn, I’m 39 years young and a mother to 1 son. I was born and raised in old Harlow. I have 20 years experience working in care with people who suffer from severe and challenging learning difficulties. I chose this as a career because I believe no matter what our situation in life everyone should be treated as equal and have the same rights, and promoting independence can help that. I started volunteering for the tea leaf two weeks after it opened and as soon as I walked in I felt welcomed. I worked alongside one of our trainees, he is an amazing individual and showed me a thing or two around the tea rooms. I was very happy and continued volunteering. After my 3rd shift I was offered a potential job managing our trainees at a later date. I accepted the offer and I am now fully employed by EE who run the tea rooms and training academy and empower people back  into employment. I feel so happy, and I have EE to thank for that, because my skills are finally being recognised and appreciated. After years of letting my confidence slip, it’s now coming back again because of a great team and a fantastic manager who has helped me to realise I can do this, and that I have what it takes. The best part for me is to see the trainees grow and go into employment, and the very first trainee I worked with is proof that anything is possible.

Karen – Hospitality Team Member

Hello my name is Karen, and I have worked as a support worker for many years both supporting the elderly and people with learning disabilities which I still do a few days a week. Just recently though, I felt I needed, and wanted to give something back to the local community by volunteering as I have an abundance of knowledge in the care sector but didn’t know where I could use it. But then one day back in January of 2020, I popped into the ‘Tea leaf cafe’ and my journey began. I have joined a great team of people, and they are all so welcoming and helpful. I am now proud to say I’m a volunteer hospitality member for EE, and I am putting my knowledge gained over the years to good use supporting the trainees, with the added bonus of moving into a completely new field of work, allowing me to broaden my work skills at the same time.

Kristian – Chef

My name is Kristian I am 29 years old. I first came to Enterprise East Group when I read about their work on my social media page. I was intrigued to say the least and I plucked up the courage to pop in and say hello.
I can honestly say my life and my future will never be the same and it has really changed for the better. I started my journey with volunteering and began working in the kitchen where I re discovered my passion for cooking again, as well as the hospitality business in general.
From the day I walked in I felt so welcomed and accepted by the team and I feel privileged to be a part of a team that excels each and every day.
I have gained a new found confidence and have made new friends who always help me when they can. Even when I question myself, or am unsure they are always there to reassure me and the trainees in any way they can. I have now been offered a full time job as a chef, I have also achieved many new skills and qualifications, to build on.
It is amazing to see a team work together in the way we do and I am proud to be part of that team, I look forward to what my future holds.

Sam Enterprise East Group Volunteer and Expert by Experience Mentor

Sam Enterprise East Group Volunteer and Expert by Experience Mentor

Hi, my name is Sam and I am an expert by experience mentor and a volunteer team member in the hospitality team.
I never saw myself working in the hospitality industry or being able to help people through sharing my own journey. I like being part of Enterprise East as there is no hidden agenda, we must work hard and can sometimes be under pressure to deliver a five-star service at our events.
But this is real work in a real work environment, we work as a team and you are never left alone, there is always support. I also enjoy my mentor role; it feels great to be able to help someone who is facing a challenge in their lives.

Christine Enterprise East Group Mentor

Christine Enterprise East Group Mentor

Hi, my name is Christine and I am a volunteer mentor with The Enterprise East Group.
I have seen first-hand the opportunities and support that is offered to individuals with barriers or challenges to work. Sam asked me to become a voluntary mentor for the organisation as she felt my wealth of experience and knowledge of people with learning, physical and sensory disabilities would support and offer guidance to the organisation. I thoroughly enjoy being able to support this work, the team are making a real, positive difference to people’s lives and I feel privileged to offer help where I can.

Enterprise East Group-Expert by Experience Trustee

Enterprise East Group-Expert by Experience Trustee

Hi I’m kerose,
I am the one who is always smiling and never let life get me down! I’m a caring and nice person, I’m always polite and good at computer’s too!
I really enjoy working with Enterprise East, everyone is friendly, and we have lots of fun. You can learn so much in our workshops and they make you feel very proud of what you have achieved. I certainly did.

Mark - IT and website manager

Mark – IT and website manager

Hi, my name is Mark and I work in Information Technology and website design.
I have been working with Enterprise East since the start, providing IT support and advice as well as designing, building and maintaining the Enterprise East website.