Hello, my name is Karose, I am look for paid employment.

I would like tell you a little about myself.

My personal skills: I am a patient, and a good communicator, I manage change and I am motivated to do my work. I am also helpful, friendly, kind and organised.

My areas of expertise: I am very good numbers and have excellent computers and gaming skills. I can manage money and have woodwork, painting and decorating skills. I have also learnt some hospitality skills, including room and table décor, front of house duties, mock-tail making, and balloon displays.

My objective: I would like to work with a company involved in wood work, painting and decorating, maybe in a DIY store?
Thank you for taking the time to read through my profile, I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential positions that you may have available

Please contact me on my email listed below
Kerose.muanza@gmail.com and Chris chris@mudlarksgarden.org.uk