Report to: Head Chef

Pay and Benefits:

About the Enterprise East Group CIC – Our Work and the Community

The Enterprise East Group is a community interest company (CIC), and we have a unique offer, we bring together three distinct but associated services including:

Supported Employment

Event and Hospitality Management

Our Social Businesses

At the very heart of our business strategy is a central purpose: to create a thriving and developing organisation that provides real opportunities for both individuals furthest from the labour market and other key stakeholders. This is particularly the case for people with complex lives or additional support needs such as, disability, mental health, refugees, addiction, care leavers, ex-offenders, veterans, single parents and people who are homeless. Through our work we offer Training Workshops, Work Based Training and Supported Employment opportunities through a bespoke supported employment service, and our aim is to secure and retain paid employment for our clients and enhance their community engagement.

Our Vision: To be a catalyst and positive role model for social change, by improving people’s opportunities in life and building stronger more cohesive communities.

Enterprise East Group CIC provides innovative learning opportunities, via our social enterprises, for people who have struggled in more traditional education and training settings. We use our social enterprise environment to help people to:

Job Purpose

Washing dirty dishes like cutlery, pots, cutting boards and pans.

Loading the dishwasher, ensuring contents can be washed thoroughly

Support our students in the kitchen when required

Removing kitchen waste from the bins and notifying the front of house to remove to the designated outside bins.

Keep the KP area clean and always sanitised

Cleaning and maintaining cooking equipment like cookers, pots and food mixers

Basic food preparation

Unloading and putting away deliveries if required

Regular scraping, sweeping and mopping floors

Ensuring all equipment is clean and put away correctly

Reporting any product replenishment levels to Sous Chef

Cleaning of washrooms to maintain a high sanitation standard. Refilling of toilet roll and hand sanitiser

Support with opening and closing checks

Support sous chef to refill stocks and replenish kitchen supplies and count for re-orders, when required

Cleaning of the kitchen area, that meets the expectation of EHO standards

Check deliveries if required

Key Responsibilities:

You will have: